How Resilient Are Your PPP Projects To Adverse Natural Events?

Adverse Natural Events are a Threat to PPP Infrastructure Projects

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects because of their complexity, their many moving parts, partner and stakeholder performance expectations, and long life-cycle are susceptible to adverse natural events. Because of this, it is critically important that resilience be a major consideration when PPPs are planned, financed, and executed.

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Coastal Cities – Adopting Resiliency Best Practices for Protection from Adverse Weather Events

Rising Sea Levels - A Global Threat to Coastal Infrastructure

Building resilient infrastructure and providing critical services that can withstand - and easily recover - from adverse natural events is becoming increasingly important and is a reality that society should address.

The question that must be asked by coastal infrastructure public sector planners and private sector developers is not - Are we going to experience an adverse natural event? but rather- When are we going to develop an adverse natural event?

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