Our Current Initiatives

1. In response to the disasters in central Mexico and Puerto Rico, two earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexica and two hurricanes in Puerto Rico over the span of 45 days), the ISRC is undertaking pilot projects to utilize other specialist centers in assisting these nations recovery. In November of 2017 the ISRC was authorized to provide expertise to officials in these areas developing "People first" PPPs to ensure that the recovery f these cities is quick and effective. By integrating resilience into the PPP projects throughout the record the ISRC will reduce future disaster risk as well as upholding the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

2. The ISRC hopes to work with the development of the 90-nation Belt and Road project led by China in hopes of integrating resilient and sustainable infrastructure to the anticipated 400+ PPP projects included in the 25-year plan. Three of the 17 goals directly address resilience while the others address sustainability which resilience is intertwines. 

3. The ISRC is pursuing increased resilience in water transportation for island and costal developing nations.

4. The ISRC hopes to provide their world class expertise , research and knowledge to local, regional, and state entities. The ISRC will document the best resilient practices as well as set standards for resilient and sustainable infrastructure. The IRSC is a 501c3 public non-profit and has created five funding levels while actively seeking support.