How to Restore Your pH Balance in Vag Quickly

If you’ve noticed a change in your vaginal pH, or if you have a discharge that is different from what you normally have, it’s important to know how to restore your ph balance. This will not only help you get relief from itching and discomfort, but also reduce your risk of future infections, such as yeast or bacterial vaginosis.

How to Restore Your pH Levels

The vaginal pH ranges from 1 to 14 on the pH scale, which measures how acidic or alkaline something is. High pH levels can lead to itching and burning, while low pH levels can cause pain or a buildup of yeast.

How to restore ph balance in vag quickly? There are many factors that affect your vaginal pH levels, and there are several things you can do to keep them in the right range. These include managing stress, avoiding douching, taking probiotics and changing tampons regularly.

Some women struggle to maintain their vaginal pH throughout their lives, including during perimenopause and menopause. This may be because estrogen levels are lower during this time, and it can make it easier for bacteria to grow.

Avoiding Antibiotics

Using antibiotics to treat a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis can disrupt the normal flora in your vagina and increase your risk of developing a more severe BV infection, or a UTI. Antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria that are needed to maintain a healthy vaginal pH.

Use an At-Home Test Kit

Fortunately, there are now several home testing kits that allow you to check your ph balance in the privacy of your own home. These are available in some pharmacies and online.

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