Canada’s Cannabis Regulations – A Notice of Intent to Consider Simplifying Regulations

Cannabis is a flowering plant that can be used for recreational, medicinal or social reasons. Canada Cannabis Products can be consumed in many forms including dried flowers, leaves and stems, oil, liquid and edible products. The plants contain psychoactive and physical effects that vary based on the way the cannabis is used and consumed. Some common psychoactive effects include euphoria, relaxation, changes in perception, increased appetite, drowsiness and impaired motor functioning. Cannabis also contains compounds called terpenes that give the plants their flavours, aromas and colours.

What is the best selling cannabis brand in Canada?

Canada has strict rules for cannabis producers to ensure the quality and safety of the products. The Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulations (Regulations) set out robust licensing, security, production, packaging and labelling requirements. Health Canada is examining ways to simplify these regulations to reduce administrative and regulatory burdens where possible without compromising the public health and safety objectives of the Act.

As part of this review, Health Canada has released a notice of intent to consider regulatory changes to the licence classes and subclasses for cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis. This is separate from the legislative review of the Act and will involve consultations with industry on potential amendments to the licensing regime to streamline and clarify existing requirements, eliminate inefficiencies and duplicated requirements and reduce unnecessary administrative and regulatory burdens in the areas of record keeping and reporting, security and production.

Several cannabis retailers have reported that the cost of running their business is putting them at a competitive disadvantage to unlicensed competitors. Various factors, including taxes, mark-ups and fees, are contributing to this challenge.

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